Extol - Storms Of Disillusions tab

Song: Storms of Disillusions
Artist: Extol
Album: Mesmerized
Year: 1999

Transcribed with help from Audacity (audacity.sourceforge.net)

I've had this haunting acoustic lick in my head for a good couple of 
days now, so I decided to use Audacity and slow it down a bit so I 
could figure it out. The result is a pretty accurate sounding tab, if
I do say so myself. Just listen to the song to get the timing down, 
it's quite tricky.

CAPO 2nd FRET (all fret numbers are relative to capo)

INTRO: (let ring)E|---------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------|G|----------0---------0---------------0---------0----------|D|------5---------5-------5-------6---------6-------6------|A|----3---3-----3---3-----------4---4-----4---4-------4----|D|--3---------3---------------3---------3------------------|
Right after the last note the electric guitars come in for a few palm-muted chugs, then repeat the phrase.
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