Eyehategod – Left To Starve tab

Tab: Pez
Tune : C#

This is my fist attempt at tabbing a song.  I only really did
this to try to encourage other EHG fans out there to do the same.
I'm not completely sure of the guitar tuning and their technique.

I'm sure Jimmy and Brian use a drop tuning technique, but songs
like Kill Your Boss and 30$ Bag tell a different story, where power
cords seem to be the way to play.  Can anyone out there give me
the right answer?

This is a pretty basic song, all bar the mini-solo during the
chorus which I?m working on. If there is any changes or
suggestions, please
e-mail me: story_of_the_eye@start.com.au

 Intro and main Riff:

E|--------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------|C#|--------------------------------------------|G#|--------------------------------------------|C#|-0-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-8-88-88-88--1/3-2-0-|
This is pretty much the main stanza throughout the song except there is a second guitar that comes in after the intro is repeated twice. Alternatively, you can just hit the A (G# in this tuning) string to fill that sound in...or play it as a power cord. The Riff before the chorus is the basic main Riff with the ending played slowly.... Chorus:
E|-------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------|C#|-------------------------------------|G#|-------------------------------------|C#|--0--0--0--0-1-1-1--0--0--0--0-1~~-1-|
"...self abuse..." That?s is! Possibly the easiest Eyehategod song of them all. Enjoy!
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