Ezio - At That Moment chords

I'm not sure about this song, I think I have most of it sort of correct but I am sure 
could point it in the right direction.
Chords are easy but as always with Ezio the strum pattern is so tricky to master.  If 
manages to improve it I would appreciate it.


Am DI drove past you’re town today
Am DThough I never left the motorway
F GWhen I saw the sign
F GWhen I saw the sign
CI thought about you
Am DAnd I found myself so near
Am DTo someone that I hold so dear
F GBut I was strong enough to steer
F GI was strong enough to steer
CAround you
Am G#If I took the turn off for your town
C F EmWouldn’t be that hard to track you down
Dm FmOr to think of an excuse
Fm GFor me to be there
AmI could call you first
G#let you make the choice
C FWould it be enough just to hear your voice
Dm FmOr should I just arrive
FmAnd surprise you
Am G#When I drove past your town today
C FI recalled all the things that you used to say
Dm FmAnd I wondered why I never had
Fm GAn answer
Am G#When you said it was me that could not cope
C Fand I’d never trade comfort for hope
DmThen I did
Fm GI could see I scared you
Am DNo but I’d never ask
Am DWe both know that I’ve got too much class
F GWhen I saw the sign
F GWhen I saw the sign
G CI thought about you
Lead in to the end of the song with a heavy strum riff. C F G B F C
Am DDid you feel something near
Am DSomething familiar, something so Dear
F GSomething strange at the end of the day
F GThat took your thought patterns and swept them away
F GDid you look out the window to the outskirts of town
F GWhere there’s only a road and the Sun going down
F GDid that Sun blind your eyes so that you could not see
F GLife passing you by at illegal speeds
F GDid you remember something you weren’t brave enough to do
F GWell right at that moment
CI thought about you
Same exit riff C F G B F c
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