Ezra Furman And The Harpoons - Kirsten Dunst chords

This song is pretty much just chords. However, Ezra repeatedly does a hammer on 
and then pull off on some of the strings. I won't put these down in detail, but 
the most notable one is hammering on the second fret of the D string whilst 
playing the C chord. Feel free to improvise the rest. 

Personally, I also hammer on the second fret of the D string whilst playing the Em 
chord, the second fret of the A string whilst playing the G chord, the second fret 
of the high E string whilst playing the D chord.

Each chord lasts one bar, except where chords are in brackets - here the contents 
of the bracket last one bar, with each chord within lasting one beat.

G: 320033
Bm: (2)24432
C: (3)32010
Em: 022000
Cmaj9: x20010 
Cm: (3)35543Notes in brackets are optional, I find they sound good when strummed but usually not when plucked.
Intro: G Bm C G Bm Bm C D Em Bm C D G C G G Verse:
G Bm C GKirsten Dunst, Kirsten Dunst
Bm Bm C DI had a dream I had a dream about you once
Em Bm C DYou were lying in a big red bowl of punch
G C G GKirsten Dunst, aha-aha
Kirsten Dunst, won't you, hold my hand And take me on a walk with you along the warm white sand? You're so busy but take a break I know you can Kirsten Dunst, aha-aha Chorus:
C C C (C C C Cmaj9)The fire in my blood is burning just for you
Am Am Cm DYou got your hands around the heart that blood is moving through
Verse: Kirsten Dunst, Kirsten Dunst Why don't you date someone who's not famous for once? Do you really want to kiss the guy who does your stunts? Kirsten Dunst, um-um Kirsten Dunst, you got a million fans Who write you that they love you in a hundred million love letters But way out in your mail bag there's a guy who loves you better Kirsten Dunst, oh yeah, that's me Chorus: You look so lonely, and I've been waiting oh so long I bet Toby Mcguire never wrote you your own folk song Bridge:
G Bm C GKirsten Dunst, I'm just another fan
Bm Bm C DBut I can see through movie screens and rubbed-on tans
Em Bm C DThis whole world is just a platform where you stand
C DAnd I think I could be the man
C DWho puts a ring around your hand
C DAnd takes you to the promised land
C DI thought I'd tell you in a song
C DBut I thought you might understand
C DBut I'm afraid I did it bad
C D'Cause it was basically unplanned
C DI really hope that you're not mad
C DIf you'd respond that would be grand
C DBut if you don't I understand
C D G C Maybe I could just touch a strand of your blond hair
G C G C (D D C C)GKirsten Dunst, aha-aha, okay.
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