Ezra Furman And The Harpoons - Wild Rosemarie chords


e|-0-0---4-7-4-----4-7-4--------------------|B|-0-0-2-------7---------5------5-5/7-9-7-9-|G|-1-1-----------4---------6--6-------------| x2D|-2-2--------------------------------------|A|-2-2--------------------------------------|E|-0-0--------------------------------------|
E B I thought about water, I thought about the rose late at night
A AI thought about drinking, I started to hope you were all right.
E BAnd I thought about calling, but I was afraid you'd be asleep.
A AI thought about God as a shepard wandering the hells looking for lost sheep
E BAnd I thought about Wild Rosemarie; how that was who you used to be
A AHow the wilderness sprang up around us, this dry desert heat
EAnd I thought about water
[Intro x 2]
E BI thought about honey, how I used to call you by it's name
AHow you move so slow and sticky down my throat
AAnd how dry I became
E BI thought about the highways, all tangeled up like a ball of snakes
A Aand the poison backroads and what a long time it'd take
E Bto find you Wild Rosemarie, all cracked up on I-93.
A AThe choice was your own to strip flesh from the bone and become really free
E BAnd I thought about water, how it drowned us after all
A AHow we used to thirst for it to burst forth from the sky and start to fall
E BAnd I just got scared that you were still out wandering tonight
A ASo here's this letter I hope you made it back alright
ELove always
E B A A(repeat until end)
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