Ezra Furman And The Harpoons – The Worm In The Apple chords ver. 2

Capo 3

Intro: G A G A B D A B C x2*at the end of the 2nd time through the intro you end with a C that has your pinky
finger on the 3rd fret (from capo).
GI'm gonna laugh at the top of my lungs til
EmI can't quite remember just what the joke was
ABut the laughter will fill up my body with love
CWhich is always what I've been told I'm supposed to want
G C D CAnd I'm gonna fly on a plane to the sky
G C D CWhich my mind will devise using science that's been forgotten
G C D CCause I'm getting bored of the town of New York
G C D CHow the world's been transformed into a big apple and it's gotten so rotten
While all the world makes money so stoically I will be building my home out of poetry Scraps of old volumes, wire and glue, Will be something, though feeble, it's all I can do In the back of the room my fingers will shake With the fury of someone with something to make That will take him so far, far away from this place That he'll never look back at all the worms and the snakes And they'll lick at my heals, but they aren't even real I will twirl and wheel through the skyway, high over the steeple And I'll take you with me and we'll grow old and lovely We'll eat fine apples from the tree of knowledge of good and evil You won't know about that Burning with all the things I must do To get free of the wasteland of wire and glue I am wandering from cage to cage at the Bronx zoo And I'm renaming all of the animals I can't just wait on my knees in the chapel To be bitten into like a worm in the apple I'm digging for freedom, it's all for a shovel I'm dirty; my fingertips hurt me The kids of Atlantis, magazines beneath the mattress With their names in the atlas of heartbreak are calling my name And I'm feeling baffled, the worm in the apple, But the cold water tap will rain down upon me And nothing will be the same It's all gonna be different now I hope.
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