Ezra Furman And The Harpoons – Mysterious Power Acoustic chords

I found out by watching at the video on youtube (dickies unplugged) and im pretty 
sure its right. At least it sounds like it.

Capo 5 fret

Intro: G Em Am C 

G Em God I am nothing but a boy in my room
Am CBut when I stand at the windowsill and I look at the moon
G EmAnd I know something is rising to another dimension
Am CGoing out of my mind and way across the midwestern expanses
G Em AmIt dances out under the stars it's a prayer and it's there when I'm riding in cars
G EmAnd when I'm listening to music, when I'm watching TV
Am CI don't know how to say it, I get down on my knees, in my room
G Em Am C In the evening, when no one's around, I turn on the radio and turn up the sound
G Em AmI say no, no don't fall through
CmI need you
G Em AmCall me up right now
GI'd call you but I don't know how
G Em Am C 1x
G EmIt started out when I was 10 years old
Am c GI climbed into the driver's seat, the car started to roll down a hill
Em AmAnd I fell deep in love with a lady who I hadn't yet met
C GOh but she made me her baby, right then found a pen
Em Am Cstarted writing a poem, and it's not done, I continue every time I'm alone
G EmAnd I know that she's out there, and I know you can hear me
Am C GHow I'd love to be real, and I want you to be near me, but the radio's broken
Em Am CThe phone's out of service, and we've got no connection and it's making me nervous
G Em Am Cm I say no, no don't fall out
I call out
G Em AmIn this night's last hour
CI'm feeling that mysterious power
G Em Am C 1x ENDING:
G EmGod I am nothing but a boy in my room,
Am CA boy in my room feeling that mysterious power
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