Ezra Furman – Haunted Head chords

B F# E

[Verse 1]
BI'm up at six
EI get a slice of bread, I cut a hole in it
BI crack a little egg into a frying pan
Eand I try to get my mind turned off
BI'm naked now
EBecause it doesn't really matter when the shades are down
I was born this way I'll die this way
B EI don't know how I'm ever gonna tell myself the truth
C#mI live alone
B AA house without a heart is not a home
F#I think I may destroy these things I own
B AI'm going back way back to black and red
Inside my haunted head [Instrumental] E B A [Verse 2]
EI get the prayer shawl on
AI wrap myself in something that is way beyond
Eanything my mind could get its dirty fingers on
AI'm going through the motions like a champ
EI take these aimless drives from two A.M. to four
AI live these secret lives
EIdentities that all die off not one survives
ABy morning there's nobody at the wheel
F#mI'm out on Lake Street now
E DI'm coming to a red light but there's no one around
BThe law sits on my shoulder and it weighs me down
E DIt's talking in a language long since dead
Inside my haunted head [Instrumental] A E D [Verse 3]
AI'm having too much fun
DMy arms around the toilet like a long-lost chum
I'm kneeling at the throne
AI'm stricken deaf and dumb
DI'm learning what it means to really pray
ATried to get cute with pain
I thought I could avoid it
DThought I knew that game
ABut just when you get the hang of it the rules all change
Dand you're doing time for crimes that don't exist
BmSo I sit and wait
A Gtil I can finally see the sense it makes
EI know this sick world's bound to be explained
A GSo I'm hanging on if only by a thread
Inside my haunted head
D G(Haunted, ha-ha-haunted head)
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