Ezra Furman – Pot Holes chords

G Em A D D7(x4)
GIt's a beautiful city
EmWe've been living in lately
ANever go to the South side
D D7(Don't you go down to the South side.)
GAnd there's pot holes
EmSleeping in the black concrete
AAnd your little rebel rebel's
D D7Just a pebble in a big stream
GYes, we're living underneath a
EmWorld imperial empire
AAnd it's built on the flimsy web of
D D7Your money and your desire
GWe built this city on the
EmRuins of rock and roll
AOne minute you're driving on smooth pavement
D D7Then you're down in a dark pot hole
GAnd if there's black men sleeping on
EmYour white concrete
AYou go and see a ten dollar movie
D D7Then you're caught in the web of the waking dream
G Em A D D7(x4)
G Em A D D7(x4)
GIt's a beautiful city
EmBut the streets are full of holes
AI spend my whole life on the North side
D D7(I don't go down to the South side.)
GAnd I drive on the concrete
EmAnd I pay my taxes too
AAnd I could write a letter to the mayor
D D7But we both got a lot to do
GAnd I admit it's inconvenient
EmTo get robbed in a combat zone
AWell, shit, I had to cancel my credit card
D D7Had to buy me a brand new phone
GBut it's a beautiful city
EmAnd the cops are on our side
AI mosey down to check out the
D D7Angry mob just to keep myself occupied
GAnd you can talk about Chicago
EmYou can talk about New York
AYou can talk about London, England
D D7You can have a nice day, take a walk in the park
GBut there's always at least two
EmDifferent cities in your town
AAnd if you can't look at the dark one
DThen you'll spend your life living
D7Down in a dark pot hole
G Em A D D7(x8)
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