Golden Coins chords with lyrics by Elvis Presley - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Elvis Presley – Golden Coins chords

Dm E Say you're mine, then ask me what you will
Dm E All your dreams, my darling I'll fulfil
Am Abaug Golden coins, I will bring to you
C/G D Silver trinkets and rubies too
Dm Am In return dear I'm begging you
E | Am E | For the pleasures of love
Am Abaug I'll bring gifts, like you never saw
C/G D Priceless garments that you'll adore
Dm Am Persian rugs to enhance your floor
E | Am A7 | For the pleasures of love
[Middle 8]
Dm E Darling, choose anything you please
Dm E Rich brocade, or woven tapestries
Cmaj7 Am In exchange, I plead on my knees
F E | Am | E | For the pleasures of love
Am Abaug Golden coins, I'll place at your feet
C/G D Precious jewels to make life complete
Dm Am All my treasures are yours my sweet
E | Am | % | Am(maj7) For the pleasures of love
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