Eric Andersen – Tin Can Alley chords

[Verse 1]

Em Bm Em ACop is on the corner lookin’ down the street, Waitin’ for the runner
Emcomin’ with the treat
Bm ACrime it don’t exist when you look the other way, It’s only in the
Emmovies….. when it never pays.
Em A EmThey get you in the Jailhouse, the cops’ll get their pick, You don’t
Afight back unless you’re lookin’ to get hit.
C G D AIn Tin Can Alley the cops get the kicks,
Em B EmThey know who it is, carryin’ the sticks. (2 Bars)
[Verse 2]
Em Bm Em AHall-way nightmares blackin’ out the moon, Someone’s on the landing
Emfumbling with a spoon
Bm AStay for a while, you can’t be here, Cause the man is comin’.....and he
Emmight be near
Em A EmHe knows you’ll come a-lookin’ if you don’t find some, He circles like
Aa vulture till your Mind’s undone,
C G D AYou’re crazy like a rat but you just can’t run.
Em B EmDown in Tin Can Alley with your back to the sun.
[Verse 3]
Em Bm Em AShoebox halls, ain't very much space, It ain’t just the kids that
Emover-run the place
Bm ARats in the cupboard, papa just sighs, Man is afraid... they’ll make
Emthe baby cry
Em A EmThey creep along the floor, they creep along the wall, landlord’s
Aout every time you call
C G D AYou’re scared at night, you can’t walk out in the hall
Em B EmDown in Tin Can Alley, they ain’t afraid of you at all.
[Verse 4]
Em AChurch is on the corner heralding the poor
Em AThe earth is in a vault locked inside the door
Em ARepent and it is yours is the promise that they give
EM Bm A EmAnd you hope and pray that Jesus...... remembers where you live.
Em AYou were born to suffer the preacher he believes
Em APay for all your sins, now get down on your knees
C G D ABut you've been down so long that you don't know what it means
Em B EmOh, parked out in the alley in his chauffeured limousine
Em B EmDown in Tin Can Alley with your back to the sun.
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