Hungover And Hard Up chords with lyrics by Eric Church - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Eric Church – Hungover And Hard Up chords

C F (x4)

[Verse 1]
C F CHung-over and hard up
C F CBroken down and messed up
FI never saw your leaving comin' but
Dm GI sure felt it when you left
C F CMemory button stuck on repeat
C F CMind skippin' like a record machine
FOver and over that goodbye scene
Dm GKeeps spinnin' in my head
Am CIt keeps haunting me
F CAnd there ain't no maybe about it
Am CThe hurt keeps calling me
F CCome on out we got you surrounded
FYeah the bottle in my hand is loaded and
C Dm GI ain't afraid to use it tonight
[Verse 2]
C F CHung over and hard up
C F CPain hurts, whiskey's tough
FAnd too much ain't ever enough
Dm GTo break through your space
C F CLivin' in a lost and found
C F CRound and round, up and down
FI'm tired of this seesaw, merry-go-round
Dm GSo merry you can go to hell
[Chorus 2]
Am CAll I wanna do
F CIs just get on down the highway
Am CAnd I'll be there as soon as
F CI get on out of my way
F CYeah the truth is like a hangman's noose
F Dm G Am C G F CAnd it's holdin' up my heart tonight
[Verse 3]
C F CHung over and hard up
C F CI tried it all, well now what?
FI've given everything but up
Dm GAnd up's going down the drain
C F CJust when I thought the coast was clear
C F CYou're cloudin' up my atmosphere
FThat mornin' sun's waitin' there when I wake up
Dm GHung over and hard up
[Outro] C F (x3) Dm G C
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