Everything But The Girl – Apron Strings chords


A  E  Fm F#m  D

A  E  A  E

[Verse 1]

A EApron strings
C#Hanging empty
F#m F# DCrazy things
AMy body tells me
EI want someone to tie to my lonely
A EApron strings
[Verse 2]
A EApron strings
C#Waiting for you
F#m DPretty things
AThat i could call you
EI want someone to tie to my lonely
AApron strings
[Verse 3]
Bm7 EYour baby look just like you when you were young
A EAnd he looks at me with eyes that shine
F#m E Bm7And i wish that he were mine
E Bm7 EThen i go home to my...
[Verse 4]
A EApron strings
C#Cold and lonely
F#m DFor time brings
Thoughts that only
A EWill be quiet when someone clings to my
A Bm7Apron strings
EAnd i'll be perfect in my own way
A EWhen you cry i'll be there
F#m E BmI'll sing to you and comb your hair
E Bm7 EAll your troubles i will share
[Verse 5]
A EFor apron strings
C# F#m DCan be used for other things
Than what they're meant for
A EAnd you'd be happy wrapped in my
F#m DApron strings
A Eyou'd be happy wrapped in my
G AApron strings
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