F Minus – Victim In Pain tab

Artist: F-Minus
Title: Victim In Pain
Album: Won't Bleed Me/Failed Society (2005)
Label: Alternative Tentacles/Blacknoise

Sort of an easy song to play; the verse chords are pretty fast.
If you have any suggestions or whatever, just leave a comment.

Intro Chorde|------------|B|------------|G|------------|D|-9----------|A|-9----------|E|-7----------|
Verse Chordse|----------------|B|----------------|G|----------------|D|-9--/16--12--7--| repeatA|-9--/16--12--7--| 8 timesE|-7--/14--10--6--|
Chorus Chordse|------------------|------------------|B|------------------|------------------|G|------------------|------------------|D|-9--9-9---7--7-7--|-2--2-2---9--9-9--| repeatA|-9--9-9---7--7-7--|-2--2-2---9--9-9--| 2 timesE|-7--7-7---5--5-5--|-0--0-0---7--7-7--|
Remaining order: .. Verse Chords 6 times .. Chorus Chords 2 times .. Verse Chords 2 times, play first chord + pick slide .. Verse Chords 2 times, play first chord
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