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Face To Face – Complicated tab

                        COMPLICATED - Face To Face
Tabbed by: bandgeek10 (Aly Richards)

Tuning: Standard

I was suprised that there were no tabs up already for this great song.

Chords used: (all are power chords)

F G A C e---------------------| B---------------------| G-------------------5-| D-3-----5-----7-----5-| A-3-----5-----7-----3-| E-1-----3-----5-------|
e--------------------- e---------- e---------------------|B--------------------- B---------- B---------------------|G----------------5555- G---------- G-5555----------------|D-3333-5555-7777-5555 D-33333333- D-5555-7777-5555-3333-|A-3333-5555-7777-3333- A-33333333- A-3333-7777-5555-3333-|E-1111-3333-5555------ E-11111111- E------5555-3333-1111-| PM PM PM Strum Strum 2X with bass, 1X 2X 2X with guitars
Verse 1: 1X, Strum
"...You're never gonna see what you like, you're never gonna wake up and change your You're never gonna keep what you hold, you won't accomplish anything on your own..." Chorous: Strum
e--------------------------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------------5555-----------------|D-77777777-33333333-77777777-55555555-33333333--5555-7777-5555-3333--|A-77777777-33333333-77777777-55555555-33333333--3333-7777-5555-3333--|E-55555555-11111111-55555555-33333333-11111111-------5555-3333-1111--| 1X ( A, F, A, G part) 2x ( C, A, G, F part)
"...You can't have what you wanted x4...So make up your mind, and come to you senses. never win if you don't bend, it's not so complicated. If you decide to change your mind, find you're inudated..." Verse 2: Same as Verse 1 "...You're never gonna do what you say, you always try to make up another way. You're gonna act on your own, you're never gonna see that you're all alone..." Repeat Chorous Bridge: 2X strum, 2X P.M., 4X P.M. w/lyrics
"...And so you're here and you don't know if you can choose a way to go. It's not about way it is, so don't become a realist. You've got time to make a choice, don't think but have a voice. And when you think the time is right, don't ever be afraid to fight..." After playing the bridge play this:
Then play chorous again Ending: 1X
...You're never gonna see what you like, you're never gonna wake up and change your mind..." End on: e--- B--- G-5- D-5- A-3- E---
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