Faces - Debris chords

Intro- F - Gm slow strum, listen to record The chord changes are equal time apart
F GmI left you on the Debris
F At the Sunday morning market
Gm You were sorting through the odds and ends.
You was looking for a bargain I heard your footsteps at the front door, And that old familiar love song, Cause you knew you'd find me waiting there At the top of the stairs. Bridge
Dm Am I went there and back
F Gm (Reapeat throughout verses) Just to see how far it was And you, you tried to tell me But I had to learn for myself.
FTheres more trouble at the depot,
Gm (repeat two chords) With the general workers union And you said, They'll never change a thing. Well, they won't fight and their not working.
Bridge Dm,Am,Gm,F again.Oh you was my hero
How you are my good friend I've been there and back And I know how far it is
FBut I left you on the Debris
Gm(repeat two chords)Now we both know you got no money.
And I wonder what you would have done Without me hanging around.
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