Faces – Silicon Grown tab ver. 2


RIFF (1st half)

RIFF (2nd half)
A (RIFF) Wait a minute honey I don't think the joke's too funny I stayed up all night Checking out the doctor's guide F#m Wait a minute honey B F#m Stop pretending you're a bunny A (RIFF) Well I might've guessed You been to see a specialist. I remember you said That we gotta keep abreast of time But obviously you don't know where to draw the line Don't try and tell me it's a-what you been eating Since when have you been 44 around the (get on with the song) At the Moulin Rouge tell you baby we could knock 'em dead Just sign right here all I need is 10%. Now you make me feel like a pimp in the White House For a senator's daughter you're stealing all the headline news Oh shake me, shake me, shake me up all night long We all need a laugh and I guess you're just the one You got more front than the Hague Museum Oh home grown silicone you really got the best of me
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