Factory 81 - Crawlspace-trench tab

Factory 81 - Crawlspace-Trench
Submitted By: Schecter Man

Tabber: John Cukras
Email: riffreaper@yahoo.com

You need to be Drop tuned to C G C F A D

Riff 1:C-9---5/77---5/77---7---5/7-7-5-3--G-7---3/55---3/55---9---3/5-5-3-1--C---0------0----------0------------
Riff 2:D-----------------------8/9--------------A-5-5-5/6-7-3-5---6/5-5-----7-3-5---3-5--F---------------5-----------------5------
Riff 3:C-7/5----7/5-----------G-5/3----5/3---222333--C-----00-------222333--
Riff 4:D--------------5/7-7-9-7-9-777-A-55-7-5-7-555-----------------
Outro:C----G-00- (a few times, then returns to riff 1)C-00-
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