Factory 81 – Plastic Smile tab

Factory 81 - Plastic Smile
Submitted By: Schecter Man

Tabber: John Cukras
Email: riffreaper@yahoo.com

For this song (and all their songs) you need to be dropped to this tuning:

C G C G B E (You don't need to drop the other 3 for this one)

Riff 1E----------------------------B----------------------------G----------------------------C----5/3----5/3----5/3--3/55-G-00-3/1-00-3/1-00-3/1--1/33-C-00-----00-----00-----------Pm.. .. ..
Riff 2E-------------------B-------------------G-------------------C-------------------G-------------------C-00-2-3-2-00-00-00- Pm All
It alternates between these two riffs. Have fun! RIP Factory 81.
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