Failure – Dirty Blue Balloons tab

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Author/Artist: Ken Andrews/Failure
Title: Dirty Blue Balloons
Album: Fantastic Planet
Transcribed by: Cody Morrison

This is from Failure's 1996 release "Fantastic Planet," and sadly, their last release.
Personally, I think this is the best song on the album.  This is more of a strumming song.
I didn't include how many times you strum, except in the intro...the chorus, you can

Intro/Verse (clean electric guitar):E----------------------------------------------|B-3--3--3--/--6--6--6--/--10--10--10--8---8--8-|G-0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0---0---0---0--0---0--0-|D-0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0---0---0---0--0---0--0-|A-2--2--2--/--5--5--5--/---8---8---8--7---7--7-|E----------------------------------------------|Here is the progression of the chords in the intro...below is the voice chordingsin the intro...
E--- E---- E---| B-3- G-10- B-8-| G-0- G--0- G-0-| D-0- D--0- D-0-| A-2- A--8- A-7-| E--- E---- E---|(1)I got high... On scrapings from... nails.(2)Now I'm back down... My eyes are growing... ...dark.(3)My burnt spoon... Has dried beneath my... ...bed.(4)And I'm dreaming of... dirty blue balloons.
Chorus (distorted electric guitar): First time you come to the chorus, you play the following twice. The second time you come to the chorus, you play the following three times.
E-------- E--- E-----------|B-3----3- B-3- B-3----3----|G-0----0- Strum for a bit--> G-0- Then... G-0----0----|D-0----0- D-0- D-0----0----|A-2h3--3- A-3- A-3p2--2h3--|E-------- E--- E-----------| (1)I've waited so long without you... (2)I've waited too long for you...
Bridge: Basically I'm too lazy to type this out, but here is what the bridge consists of. It's basically the same chord progression in the play each chord lightly at first, then, start hammering the chord harder, like it's building up steam, then slide to the next chord. You most likely didn't understand what I said...but you'll know if you listen to the song. Solo: I dont' have the solo either. I've seen some solos for the song, but they don't sound totally right. If you'd like to try the solo, go to the tabulature section at Outro: Don't have it either, sorry...maybe if I update this I'll include it. Song progression: Intro Chorus Verse Chorus Bridge Solo Outro Lyrics: I got high On scrapings from my nails Now I'm back down My eyes are growing dark My burnt spoon Has dried beneath the bed And I'm dreaming of Dirty blue balloons I've waited so long without you I've waited too long for you He came in He didn't speak my language I paid him With everything I had And promised next time he opened up his mouth And then they floated out Dirty blue balloons Nothing helps And no one else Can make it feel okay Float me through the day Nothing helps And no one else Can make it feel alright Float me through the night I cannot let them go Dirty blue balloons Other: This is a really beautiful song, despite it's topic matter. It not only sounds great electrified, but works great on an acoustic. Have fun playing.
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