Fair To Midland – Granny Niblo tab

There aren’t many Fair to Midland tabs, and this is my favorite song off of 
so I decided to tab this.

This is in standard tuning, although that isn’t what Fair to Midland plays in. This is 
close what it sounds like on the album. It shouldn’t be hard to learn.

I’ll also say that this is my first tab, so I won’t be offended if you say something is 
with it. Thank you.

[Main riff]

[Played throughout verses]

-------------------|-------------------|-3-3---3---2---0---| [X3]-4-4-0---0---0---0-|-4-4---------------|-2-2---------------| . . . . . . .
-------------------|-------------------|-3-3---3---2---2-3-|-4-4-0---0---0-----|-4-4---------------|-2-2---------------| . . . . . . .
[Pre-Chorus] (“For nine years, and square stars…”)
-------------|-------------|-3--3-3—-3---| [X2]-4--4-4--4---|-4--4-4--4---|-2--2-2--2---|
(“For nine months, let’s make much…”)
-------------|-------------|-5--5-5—-5---| [X2]-6--6-6--6---|-6--6-6--6---|-4--4-4--4---|
-------------|-------------|-3--3-3—-3---| [X2]-4--4-4--4---|-4--4-4--4---|-2--2-2--2---|
(This same chord is used throughout the chorus, if you listen, you’ll be able to figure the timing.) [Outro]
------------------------|------------------------|-x-7/8/7-x-7/8/7/8------| [Repeated several times}------------------------|------------------------|------------------------|
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