Fairport Convention – Autopsy tab

Fairport Convention: AUTOPSY
(transcribed by stevennorrie)

One of the nicest songs Sandy has written with Fairport, appearing on the album
It has a very complex rythm structure: The first part is set into a jazzy 5/4 time signature,
into 4/4 and then back again into a 5/4 timing. The beautiful Richard-Thompson-solo 
is one of my favourites) is set into 4/4 time and then changes into a 6/4 timing, as soon
the dulcimer comes in.
Anyway here it is:

Intro:  Dm   Gm

     Dm                       Gm
You must philosophise,
      Bb                   Am             Gm
But why must you bore my to tears?
            Dm                        Gm
You´re red around the eyes,
       Bb                  Am             Gm
You tell me things no one else hears
       Dm                          Gm
You spend all your time crying,
Bb             Am           Gm
Crying the hours into tears,
Bb              Am          Gm
Crying the hours into tears

Bb  Cm  F  (do some picking)

Come lend your time to me,
                    Cm                       F
And you will know that you are free
And when you look at me
                               Cm                      F
Don´t think you´re owning what you see,
For remember that you´re free,
                         Cm                        (I believe Richard plays something in
in harmony to Cm)
And that´s what you want to be,
So just lend your time to me

Solo:  Bb  Dm  Gm  Dm  Gm    (play it somewhere around the fifth fret, going up to the
(6/4) Bb  Am  Gm   Bb  Am  Gm
accompanied by dulcimer)

Then play the first part (without the Intro) again, until the first change of timing.
And that´s it then...

Have fun with it...
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