Fairport Convention – Cell Song chords

Song: Cell Song (Swarbrick)
Album: Babbacombe Lee (1971)
Artist: Fairport Convention

D GThere's a tiny little window and the sun comes shining through
D G EmDancing with the dust that's in my cell
D GThere's a sparrow sitting on the sill and he stays for a minute or two
D G ABut he's frightened by the ringing of the bell
D G There's a bed that I must lie on when at night I take my rest
D G AAnd a chair for me to sit on through the day
D GThe men who wait beside me always know what's best
D G A For a man who doesn't have too much to say
D G AThrow a laugh into the corner, blow a tear against the wall
D GLearn a game to play, improve the mind
D GConfess your sins, you sinner, and think how the seconds fall
D G ALeave all earthly cares and woes behind
D G EmAnd when my short affair with life is ended and I'm gone
D G Will you tell the world the story of John Lee?
D G All you see is nothing and yet everything lives on
D G AI was born to pay the hangman's fee
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