Fairport Convention – Lord Marlborough chords

B E BYou generals all and champions bold, that takes delight in fields
E BThat knocks down churches and castle walls, but now to death must yield
E B EWe must go and face our daring foes and with a sword and shield
B E BI often fought with my merry men, but now to death must yield
[Instrumental] C F C x2 C F C F C F C G F G [Verse]
C F CI am an Englishman by birth, Lord Marlborough is my name
F CAnd I was brought up in London town, a place of noted fame
F C FI was beloved by all my men and kings and princes likewise
C F C G F GAnd then all the towns we took, to all the world's surprise
C F CKing Charles the Second I did serve, to face our foes in France
F CAnd at the battle of Ramilles, we boldly did advance
F C FThe sun was down, the earth did quake, so loudly did he cry
C F C G F G"Fight on, my boys, for old England's sake, we'll conquer or we'll die"
[Instrumental] C F C x2 C F C F C F C G F G [Verse]
C F CBut now we gain for victory and bravely kept the field
F CWe took great numbers of prisoners and forced them all to yield
F C FThat very day my horse got shot, 'twas by a musket ball
C F C G F GAnd as I mounted up again, my aide-de-camp did fall
C F CNow I on a bed of sickness lie, I am resigned to die
F CYou generals all and champions bold, stand true as well as I
F C F"Stand true my lads and fright no man, but fight with courage bold"
C F C G F G F CI led my men through smoke and fire, but never bribed with gold
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