Fairport Convention - Walk Awhile tab

Here is the opening song from FAIRPORT´s fifth album FULL HOUSE. I transcribed the main
riffs for your guitar to make things easier. (By the way I´m the same bloke who
the Fotheringay-tab.) Anyway here it is:


D------0h2-0---------------------------------|---3---------3-----0h3-0--------------------|-2---------------2-------2---------- ----| 4x----------------------------4----2p0--------|--------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------|
and then, only on your D-string: -4p2-0h2-4p2-0h2-4p2-0h4s5-4--2-0-0h2h4s5-4-2-0----
and then on your D and A-string: -4p2-0h2-4p2-0h2-4p2-0h4s5-4--2-0-0h2h4s5-4-2-0---------------------------| ---------------------------------------------------0p2--|
Chorus: G Walk Awhile, walk awhile, walk awhile with me C The more we walk together, love, the better we´ll agree D G We´ll agree Simon: G One hand in your mouth and your finger in your eye C D Undertakers bow their heads, as you go walking by Chorus Main Riff Swarb: G Here comes another Sunday, ringing on the bell C D And here comes a wounded child, for another tale to tell Chorus Main Riff Peggy: G "Bring along", the brewer said, "bring the cuckoo tree, C D Bring your lady mother along to keep us company." Chorus Main Riff Richard: G Two miles down the road, Henry Tompkins wife C D Three miles down the road, he´s running for his life Chorus 2x Main Riff Have Fun with it. Steven
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