Fairweather - Southstreet 1 Am chords

Fairweather - Southstreet, 1 AM

Intro: Dsus2 G7M x6

Dsus2 G7M Dsus2Philadelphia today, a face my eyes to see
G7M Dsus2Cold wind to move a tape of songs
G7M Dsus2For this time in youth, a score I've set to you
G7MAnd images of a world that's passing...
Dsus2 G7MLay me down I'll sleep for days
Dsus2 G7MAnd dream of you
Dsus2 G7MLay me down I'll sleep for days
Dsus2 G7MDreams subtract the distance
Intro: Dsus2 G7M x4 Verse:
Dsus2 G7M Dsus2Attention paid to leaves slowly turn their shades
G7M Dsus2Ignore increasing miles that argue with
G7M Dsus2A decision to come, despite my better thought
G7MBut I can't argue with my...
Dsus2 G7MFrom this house for roads and hours
Dsus2 G7MI swallow hard
Dsus2 G7MFor your words this drives existence
Dsus2 G7MI can't wait to see you
Ending: Dsus2 G7M (I don't know the lyrics here just hum along)
Dsus2 G7Me-0 e-2B-3 B-0G-2 G-0D-0 D-0A-0 A-2E-x E-3
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