Faith Hill - Mississippi Girl tab

opening lick:

E A B well it's a long way from Star, Mississippi E B A to the big stage i'm singin on tonight E B A and sometimes the butterflies still get me B F# when i'm in the spotlight chorus: E B Cause a Mississippi girl don't change her ways A B just cause everybody knows her name E B A ain't big headed from a little bit of fame E B i still like wearin my old ball cap A B ride my kids around piggy back A they might know me all around the world A E but ya'll i'm still a Mississippi girl E B A well i spent a few weeks in California E B A they put my face on the big movie screen E B A but that don't mean i've forgotten where i came from B F# thats just me chasin dreams, yeah chorus x2 E 022100 B 224442 A X02220 F# 244322 have fun cowboys and cowgirls! yee haw! -becky
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