Faith No More – Annes Song tab

Faith No More - Anne's Song
Submitted By: Sqweeky
EMail: (unknown) 

    It's pretty simple but it was the first slapping bass line I managed to  
    be able to play _cleanly_.  The fingerings for the octaves in A were just 
    an easy way to help me mute strings.  Play the open A if you want. Hell, 
    tap it all out in harmonics if you like.  I won't stop you!  :) 
         S  H P   S S   S S   S S S   S  H P   S S   S S S S 
    G |-------2----------------------------2--------------------| 
D |.-------------------------------------------------------.| A |.-----------------------------------------------0-2-----.| E |--0--5-----0-3---0-5---0-3-0---0--5-----0-3---0-----0----|
S=Slap P=Pop H=Hammer-on
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