Faith No More - Carhalo Valador tab

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Date:     Fri, 19 Jan 1996 21:50 EST
Subject:  upload- faith no more

carhalo valador
Faith No More, off king for a day, dick for a lifetime
submitted by Eric Parsons
What's up everyone!
The guitar work on all new Faith No More stuff is so much better than 
old Jimmie boy was putting out, anyway here it is

---0------0--0-----0-------0---------0-----0-----0-----0--------0------0--0-----0-------0---------0-----0-----0-----0-------11------11-11----11------11--------7-----7-----9-----9-------12------12-12----12------12--------7-----7-----7-----7-----12---12-12------12----12-12---12-7----7--7---7-8----8--8--8let all this crap ring out
this part repeats for a while then goes into
that nifty chord before the foreign language is e---12 b 13 g 12 d 14 a 12 e --- That's it bro's BROTHERHOOD!!!! MAHATHARA!! BP ROCKS! DEATH PARSONS
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