Faith No More – Take This Bottle tab

Faith No More - Take This Bottle
Submitted By: Sqweeky
Tabbed by Alexandre Campos Moraes

Goiania, Goias, Brasil


 From the album 'King for a day... fool for a lifetime',

by Faith No More.  This is not a very complicated song (4 chords), although a

really cool one. I really don't know why I write this, as it

takes about thirty seconds figuring out... anyway:1st verse: [G]             [C] <--	       During some verse the keyboard

  I can wait, to love in Heaven.       plays C7, but I think the guitar

				       still just plays C

 [G]             [C]

  I can wait for you. [G]             [C]

  Far away, I'll treat you better. [G]               [C]

  Better than down here.


                  [Em] <-	Rake the chord with a single upstroke.

 'cause I've done wrong


           [D]         [G]      Play F# and F as single notes, on the low

 And I'm a little 'fraid        E string (2nd, then 1st fret).


             [Em]      <-	Rake the chord with a single upstroke.

 I ain't too strong,


              [D]       [G]

 so listen to what I say:

 Chorus:            [G]       [C]

  Take this bottle		(repeat)


  And just walk away, the both of you.	(same chords as prechorus)

  And let me feel the pain I've done to you.

  Thats pretty much it. There's another verse, but I guess you've got the

picture by now...
Artist:  Faith No More
Song:  Take This Bottle
Album:  King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime

This is not the exact guitar from the song.
To play the real guitar just strum the chords G and C for the verses,
and play the chorus as written.
In this tab I mixed the guitar and bass notes together.
This makes it ideal for playing acoustic.
(its easy and its right, have fun)

[G] [C]|3-----------3-3-|0-----0-----0---||0-----------0-0-|1-----1-----1---||0-----------0-0-|0-----0-----0---||0-----------0-0-|2-----2-----0---||2-----------0-2-|3-----3-----3---||3-----------3-3-|------3-----3---|
(chorus) |1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-|1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-|
[Em] [D] [G] |0-----------2---|3---------------||0-----------3---|0---------------||0-----------2---|0---------------||2-----------0---|0---------------||2---------------|2---------------||0---------------|3-----3-2---1---|====
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