Fake Problems – Sorry Ok Sorry Ok Sorry tab

I know a million people say this, but this is my first submitted tab, and I can't 
good quality work here, but if nothing else, some better guitarist can take my tabs and 

At any rate, this isn't the whole song, but at least it's something, because this song 
one of my favorites from Fake Problems.

Intro (listen for strumming):

e--1-- C# majB--2--G--1--D--3--A--4--E--0--
I am terrible at playing by ear, but I'm pretty sure the pre-chorus/chorus is this barre played up and down the fret board.
And here's my suspicions for the little melody throughout the song: 3 timese---------------------------]-------------------------------------|B---------------------------]-------------------------------------|G--10/13/10/8/10------------]---10-10-10-10-10-10-10-11-11-11-7-7-|6....D-----------------11-11-11--]-------------------------------------|A---------------------------]-------------------------------------|E---------------------------]-------------------------------------|
the 6 leads into the melody for the rest of the song. I hate incomplete tabs too, but hopefully some Fake Problems fan out there can finish and then I'll love you forever.
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