Fake Problems – Busy Bees chords

easy shit.

Busy Bee

C G From the first breath of sunlight,
FI could hear songs from the trees.
All around the wilderness, melodies directed towards me. But when I sang along, they all changed their harmonies
Fwith hymns of persuasion, I was blown away with the leaves,
G F Asusand forced to a conclusion about the path ahead.
G F F AsusI analyzed the consequences of the future of my direction.
F G CAnd I'll go until these bones don't go.
If the sun is kind enough, I'll find a nice place to rest. Light will pour and rain on down as a song tied to her breath. And in her words I could see a thoughtful line,
Fif these bones don't go on, arrest me for a crime
G F Asusthat I've perpetrated, and I'm who it's against.
C GLiving life in constant motion
F Amis the only way I'll be content.
F G CAnd I'll go until this body doesn’t go.
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