Faker – Kid Please Try Harder tab

FAKER - Kid, please try harder

Verse: A F#m It doesn't exist, you live in regret Em I remember the kiss, D A when we first met. A F#m I remember the sting,as you finished me off, Em I remember my face, D A when you stopped, (Repeat..etc) Chorus: Ano5 Ano5 Ano5 Ano5 F#m said kid, please try harder while you can, Em 'cause I'm so tired of it all, D A with no command. Ano5 Ano5 Ano5 Ano5 F#m Can you please try harder while you can, Em I'm not required by the law, D A to hold your hand. [VERSE 2] [CHORUS] INTERLUDE: F#m Em D Da da da da da... [VERSE 3] [CHORUS] BRIDGE: D F#m Can you try? come on try, Em Bm come on try, can you try? F#m could you try? [INTERLUDE] Outro: D D D You've been flashing white light, from the palms of your hands, you weren't ready to fight, or to land. You're so easily led, you didn't know how to dance, but if that's all you want, if that's all you want from romance, then kid... Enjoy! - Pat.O
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