Fall Out Boy - Alpha Dog chords version 1

Am GClap until your hands hurt
F G Standing ovations or b-b-b-boos
Am FWa-watch until we blur
G EWalk off into the sunset
Am GTell rock n' roll I'm alone again
F GI wanna put the Midwest home again
FYour time has passed
GThey say "never" means "never"
F Solar flare stares won't last
G Am But "never" means "forever"
G"Never" means "forever"
Am G F GAlpha dog and o-o-omegalomaniac-ac
Am G FAlpha dog and o-o-mega-megalo
Am GWelcome to the new déjà vu
F GI can almost see the wizard through the curtains
Am G F Alpha dog and o-o-omegalomaniac-ac.
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