Falling In Reverse – Listen Up chords

capo 1

DListen up cause this is not the end
Your the last thing that crossed my mind
DRelationships are based on trust
palm muting Well I guess this one was based on lies (little rift) Based on lies (x3) Verse:
DListen up to the ones you trust
A BmJust a few by your side (Surprise)
AGive in, everything's going to be alright
D(you've been gone one too many times)
ANow its time for me to go
Bm AI know, you know the fights are getting old
D A Bm AThis is the last chance I have to say to you
D ASo sorry but I have to go
Bm AWash my hands of you
(little rift) Verse two:
DYou'll say you will never change
AI say that's too bad
Bm AI'm sorry for all the things that you and I (could have had)
DBut it's your fault for all the stupid things
AThat you and I have done and said
BmThe lies, The cries
AIt's no wonder that you are dead
D AYour honesty is killing me
Bm AThe page I've read the words that said
You still loved me
D AYou lied to me and you don't see
Bm AThe things you've said and now your dead
And that's alright by me Chorus ending with
DListen up cause this is not the end
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