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From: (Ben Golding)
Subject: CHOPRO: Falling Joys: "Puppy Drink"

A catchy and slightly grungy song from a great Sydney band.  Their
first album "Wishlist" is a beauty, and that's where this version comes
from; there's another version on a JJJ "Live at the Wireless".

{t: Puppy Drink}
{st: Susie Higgie (Falling Joys)}

[Bm]You're wasting my [A]time giving me [G#]that I've walked that [G]street and I'm bored with [Bm]it Show me [A]something make it [G#]new It's a [G]drag when I see through [Bm]you {c: Intro} You've got a band and you play guitar does this make you an achiever? I try to talk, you try to undress I can hardly believe it {c: Intro} {soc} [E]I don't [F#]think about you anymore and [Bm]B minor says it all [E]I don't [F#]think about you ... {eoc} {c: Intro} {c: Intro, ad lib} {c: Chorus} {c: Intro} {c: Verse 1 + 4} {c: Chorus}
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