Family Force 5 - Share It With Me chords

Acoustic version of Share it with me by Family Force 5
Should be correct i guess :)

Awesome song, fun to play - have fun with it guys!

Am  F  G  E x4 

Am F G I really need to see her tonight
E Am I made the reservation for two
F GGoing over in my head how to make her mine
E AmShe's crying 'cause she feels confused
F G Maybe she needs some space
E AmJust a little time alone
F G Please tell me face to face
Am F G Now our seven years are gone
E AmHow could this be
F GShe was supposed to be the one
(E)How could she
Am F GWoah, you've already broken my heart
E Am I'd like to keep at least one piece
F GYou can take all that you want
E AmBut you're gonna have to share it with me
FShare it with me
G Share it with me
(E G7 Am)Ooooooooh..
F Share it with me
G EJust one piece
[Verse 2:]
Am F G I never thought that it'd come to this
E AmNever in a million years
F GThe memory of our first kiss
E AmIs taking me to the verge of tears
F GHow could I move on
E Am You were everything to me
F G So where did we go wrong
E This is a tragedy
[Repeat Chorus] [Bridge:]
Am F GTears fall to the ground when I think about
E Am How life goes on without you now
F G You broke my heart on bended knee
E Am Now that you're gone it's killing me
F G I am alone without you
E AmNever wanted to say that we're through
F Give me your love again
G EI won't believe this is the end
[Repeat Chorus]
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