Family Force 5 – You Got It tab

Tabbed by: Ben Myers
Date: 7/7/2011
Band/Artist: Family Force 5
Song: You Got It
Album: III EP

Ok, so this song is actually quite simple. The chords are shown below:

e|---0----------1----------5----------|B|---1----------3----------6----------|G|---0----------2----------5----------|D|------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------| C D F
All you have to do is play: C, then D, then F, then C again. It's pretty much the same through the whole song. I'm not too sure about the bridge. That's about it. I'm pretty sure this is 100% accurate, and this is my first tab, so don't be surprised if it's wrong. Also, listen to the song to check the timing.
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