Fanny Adams - Mid Morning Madness tab

Fanny Adams "Mid Morning Madness"
from the LP "Fanny Adams"

RIFF A (the song actually starts by the +):|-----------------------------||-----------------------------||----------------+7-5---------||---------------------7---5-3-||------3-----5----------------||5----------------------------|
RIFF B:|-----------------------------||-----------------------------||-----------------5-3---------||---------------------5---3-1-||------1-----3----------------||3----------------------------|
The rhythm then changes (I think to 7/8)RIFF C (under solo):|--------------||--------------||--------------||--------------||*------------*||*------------*||*------------*||------3-----5*||------3-----5-||5-------------||5-------------||--------------|Play first part 8 times before proceeding to next part. Play second part 4 times.
RIff C contiues, but the rhythm then changes again (I think to 3/4) Play first part 4 times, then second part 4 times Then back to riff A, starting by the +. Play riff A X4 Play riff B X4 Play riff A X2 Play riff B X2 Play riff A X4 Play riff B X4 Play riff A X2 Play riff B X2 Play riff A X9, gradually slowing down the last time.
* * = Repeat between the two * signs Tabbed by Anders Pedersen
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