Far - Man Of The Year tab

          Band: Far
          Song: "Man Of The Year"
          Tabbed By: Mr. Peechez
e|---------5--4-------------------- b|----------------3---5------------ g|-------------------------2---4---
d|--------------------------------- a|--------------------------------- E|---0-----------------------------
Fig. 1 (Dist.) e|------------------------------3----- \ b|------------------------------3-----
g|--9-|-9---9---9-|-------------0----- x4 (Just F*ck Around With Riff) d|--9-|-9---9---9-|--x2---------0----- a|--7-|-7(h)9(p)7-|-------------0----- E|------------------------------3----- /
Verse Riff: (Clean) e|----------------------------------------- \ b|-----------------------------------------
g|----------------------------------------- Entire Riffs: x2 d|--------4---------4---------4----------0- a|-----2---------2---------2----------2---- E|--0---------3---------2---------1-------- / (After This Riff Play Intro)
Prechorus: Play Fig. 1 (Clean)
Chorus: pt. 1 (Dist.) e|---------------------------- \ b|---------------------------- g|---4-4----7-7----3-3-3-3---- d|---4-4----7-7----3-3-3-3---- a|---2-2----5-5----1-1-1-1---- Both Riffs x2 E|---2-2----5-5----1-1-1-1---- "What You Don't Want The Sun To See.."
Chorus: pt. 2 (Play Fig. 1 on Distortion) / Verse 2: (Exact Same As Verse 1) Prechorus: Play Fig. 1 (Clean) Chorus: Same
Then... e|---------------------------- \ b|---------------------------- g|---4-4----7-7----3-3-3-3---- d|---4-4----7-7----3-3-3-3---- x2 a|---2-2----5-5----1-1-1-1---- E|---2-2----5-5----1-1-1-1---- "Ooh, Ooh, Ooh" /
(Cut End Of Riff When He Says, "Mother") .... Bridge:
e|-------------------------------------3--- \ b|-------------------------------------3--- g|-------------9-\\-4------------------0--- x (I Think 12) d|---8-\\-7----9-\\-4-----8-\\-7-------0---
a|---8-\\-7----7-\\-2-----8-\\-7-------0--- (Again F*ck Around With This Riff) E|---6-\\-5---------------6-\\-5-------3--- /
"Father!!!" Then End It Playing The Intro (Clean) yo yo yo my name is Mr. Peechez If you want to comment on this piece of poop i call tab just e-mail me at Noclaf1111@aol.com (ladies Only) ;)
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