Farewell Milwaukee – Aint No Rules chords

Left handed
A chord change or two might be wrong. When I learned these songs I played them with the
cd but I've been playing them acoustic and a little slower since then, so I might have
changed something without realizing.  Let me know if anything sounds off.

Most F.M. songs I try to learn the second after I hear them, but I've never tabbed
anything before and rarely spend more time than I need to on these confounded internet
machines.  These guys deserve to have their music more accessible though, and I owe them 
this much at least for how entertaining and inspiring they are.  If you want chords for a
different F.M. song, send me an e-mail and I'll post it.

and now that they've made the Cities Sampler and are getting bigger, I wanted proof for
when they're on Letterman or Austin City Limits and I claim that I was listening to
Farewell Milwaukee since the beginning haha

Capo 1

Am F CThe city buildings take my breath away
Am F CThe men who built them they risked their lives to say
G C FYou gotta lose everything to know
G C FThat you could gain the whole world if you don't
Am F CWhen your fate's tied to a balance beam
Am F CAnd your feet could cost you everything
G C FYou gotta break all the rules to know
G C FThat there ain't any rules anymore
F Am G CYou could stand in the rain to know my love won't wash away
F Am G CI might bend until I break so I can see that I'm afraid
F Am G AmBut we won't know who we are without risking it all
F C G CBaby I'll risk you if you risk me too
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