Farewell Milwaukee – Always Be Your Man tab

Always Be Your Man - Farewell Milwaukee
Tabbed by: gamerjrs

*~*Capo 4*~*

Below are the variations of each chord which I feel sound better in the song. (Had 
no idea what chords Y and Z actually are)

C G F Am Y Z Fme|--0---3---0---0---0---0---1-|B|--1---0---1---1---3---1---1-|G|--0---0---2---2---1---2---1-|D|--2---0---3---2---0---3---3-|A|--3---x---3---0---2---X---3-|E|--X---3---X---X---X---X---1-|
This is intro/riff that is played at various points throughout song
F C Be my love F C Be my friend F C Am G Call it what you want I will always be your man F C In the summer F C And in the fall F C Am G I don't care when, I'm always running when you call F C Through the storm F C Through the rain F C Am G Ill be there with you through that hurricane *Chorus* C F I don't care why C G And I don't care when you might need me C G Or where you want to meet me C F I don't wanna come down C G I don't want this to end right here tonight C G Baby hold on tight and let me in (Same as verse 1) Be my dream Let me let you in Let me hold on to you, till the dawn breaks in Tell me secrets I wanna know it all Let the autumn leaves blow while you spill it all Write me letters And send me notes Ill even take a phone call from the west coast *Chorus* Y When the morning cracks your window pane Z And the sky looks like its blue again Y I see the sun upon your skin Z G F And by then I know it's true Fm Yeah the morning breaks for you *Chorus*
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