Farnham John - All Our Sons & Daughters tab

Tim Norton
Monday, 23 sep 2002-09-23

Artist:	John Farnham:	"All our sons and daughters"
Album:	Chain Reaction

I got this tab by copying Jack Jones' chords during the 1991 'Chain Reaction' 
concert in Melbourne. I've watched the concert over and over again to make sure 
I got it right.
This is the intro. Use downstrokes, and play it loud, with a bit of distortion.

Intro:E|----------------------------|-----------------------------| B|--7-7----5-5----4-4----7----|---7-7----5-5----4-----------| G|--6-6----4-4----4-4----6----|---6-6----4-4----4-----------|D|--4-4----2-2----2-2----4----|---4-4----2-2----2----4------|2 times A|--4-4----2-2----2-2----4----|---4-4----2-2----2----2-4----|E|----------------------------|------------------------2----|
E|---------------------------|------------------------------|B|--7-7----5----4--------4---|----7-7----5----4--------4----| G|--6-6----4----4--------4---|----6-6----4----4--------4----|D|--4-4----2----2--------2---|----4-4----2----2--------2----|A|--4-4----2----2-4----4-2---|----4-4----2----2-4----4-2----|E|----------------2----2-----|------------------2----2------|
Good luck.
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