Fast Forward – Opportunities Knocking tab

Best Chick Band EVER!!! I love them!

Intro (All Chords):		Any Dunlop		Approx. 2:40
G G/C C C/G x2
D G C Em x2

G		D			   Em C
You 'n' I seemed right for each other.
E			 B
We were cool, but I was a fool.
   C			   D
It happened way too fast.
G			D		Em		    C
But then another comes along knocking on my door.
G/C			C
Will you be with me?
G		D			  Em			  C
Two in one I had some fun, but then it all went wrong.
  E	   B
I dunno what to do
  C			   D
This is happening way too fast.
G			D	  Em		   C
Why's it always gotta be me and never you?
G/C				   C
I just don't know what to do.

Am				C		D		Em
Why am I feeling so messed up, so screwed up inside?
     Asus2			  Em
It doesn't make sense to me.
G(bar)	F#
I need to choose.
D			Em
Oh why am I so confused?
C7	D9
Tell me.

G			 D			Em		   C
Why do ya have to be this way? I just don't understand.
E		  B
The peak has fallen.
 C		  D
I can finally move on.
G		D				Em		    C			D
So now I'm done with you and I'm left here in the seat with the other.
G/C			  C
You're the one for me.
D7				 A9
Yes you're the one I'll be.

Why was I feeling so messed up, and so screwed up inside?
This all now makes sense to me.
I've made a choice.
I've used my own voice.
Tell me.

E			Eon6 Eon4 
How much did ya truly love me?
Eon2		    Eon4		Eon2 E
Does the other love me even more?
E		    Eon6	 Eon4
But you would never prove it to me?
Eon2			Eon4	 Eon2 E Eon2 E   
I love the other now oh, baby, yeah, yeah.
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