Fastball - Well Always Have Paris tab

Tabbed by Pinkturtle

Another new Fastball song. Really great.

Intro Xs 3:|---------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------||-------2-2------2----------------------------------------||---4-------2h4-------------------------------------------||-2---2---------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------|
This is sort of the part of the intro that gets it going into the rest of the song, and is just a loose guess, because they use a little distortion and frankly, this isn't the important part.
Verse: (They don't actually play chords here but that's all I can give you) F# E They do that then they play the B5 power chord about 5 times, then repeat. Chorus thing: C#m up to G#m F# E Bridge: I'm not sure about this but I think it's something around: D#m to D You can figure out the strumming and order. Peace and rock on.
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