Fastball - Our Misunderstanding tab

"Our Misunderstanding"
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Capo of 3rd fret, all chord names relative to capo.

Em7: 022030
Am7: X02010
C: X32010
Em: 022000
D5: XXX023X
G: 320001
C(2): X32013
C6/A: X02213


C           Am7                  Em         D5
Rip our the trees and plant your flag
C     Am7                 Em          D5
Now I know just where you stand
C            Am7                  Em
Nature means nothing to you, it's something that you can't 
       C              Am7       Em                 D5
And we make ourselves miserable trying to fill the hole

Chorus part one:
         G        C(2)        G
And it's sad that our misunderstanding 
    C(2)          C6/A
Has turned into a war
I don't know you anymore

C         Am7         Em        D5
How was I supposed to know    
C          Am7              Em         D5
That I was stepping on your toes
C                        Am7
The momentum builds to a fever pitch
Em                       D5
Talking but I just can't hear
C                     Am       Em                 D5
Watching our problems multiply wishing they would disappear

Chorus part two:
        G        C(2)             G
And our love got lost in the translation
    C(2)           C6/A         C(2)           C6/A
And when I see you out you're a stranger to me now
You're a stranger to me now

Em             Am
I wish I could talk to you
       C                      Em
I wish I could make you see
How much I care
How much you mean to me

CHORUS (it comes in a little late but it's the same chords as before)

End on Em7.
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