Fastball – Better Than It Was tab

			     better than it was - fastball
Tabbed by: Padster
Tuning: Standard

This is my first attempt at a proper goes.
Notice that the chords are amazingly similar to those in 'Warm Fuzzy Feeling'

Suggested voicings:

A B D E5* F F#me-0--2--2--x--1--2-|B-2--4--3--x--1--2-|G-2--4--2--x--2--2-|D-2--4--4--2--3--4-|A-0--2--5--2--3--4-|E-0--2--2--0--1--2-|
*For E5, it's basically just hitting the E string with down strokes, but you can add more
[INTRO]>>in the intro and chorus chords, there's a small theme that goes like this:e-----------------------------------------------|B---2---2---3-2-0-2-0---------------------------|G---------------------2-------------------------|D-----------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------|>>this might be played on a different guitar, but if you're playing solo,>> try to play this with the chords in the chorus. Not too hard with the A chord, but in F#m
[VERSE 1] A Once I had it all planned out B My dirty fingers moved about D E A E5 To make a mess of everything around me A I don't claim to know my way B I still run in circles every day D E Running around half blind F E Life can be unkind [CHORUS 1] A But it's better than it was F#m It's better than it was D E I complain very little because A E5 It's better than it was [VERSE 2] A I get to remembering B We had alot more money then D E A E5 To make a mess of everything around us A Now the money comes and goes a bit B Faster than my confidence grows D E Everybody knows F E There ain't nothing new about money woes [CHORUS 2] A But it's better than it was F#m It's better than it was D E It's better than it was F#m It's better than we ever could have E A Wished it to before [BRIDGE] F#m E It was bad a while ago F7 E Better than this I know
[SOLO - timing is approximate]e----------------------------------4-7---7---7-7---7-7-6---4--------|B------------------4---4-4-4-4-5-7-----------------------------7----|G----4---4---4-6----------------------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------|
[CHORUS - everything up a tone] B But it's better than it was G#m It's better than it was E F# I complain very little because B It's better than it was * B, with that theme, for the rest * Better than it was .....
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