Fat – Corner Song tab

Corner Song

      C                 G         C                        
That's me, sitting in the corner and I 
            G             C                G         C   G,c,g,c 
Feel like a foreigner and I, don't want to get up today
            G          C             G           C  
Turn off my head again, guess it's a means to an end 
            G               C
It gets the fall out of the way


       Em               D
And no circumstance, or desperation
  Em              D
I got to drop, to know that it will go


G         C             G     D
Sleep it away, keep it away today
G         C        Am               C
Sleep it away, I'm blocking out the sun  
   G       D           G
So wake me when you're done

Verse 2

C                 G
Tick Tock and the clock is knocking
C                  G
Won't stop and the day is dropping
C               G          C   G
No dreams as it all falls away
C        G                C                G         C
I got as long as it takes now, sleeping forever somehow
              G               C   G  
Wrapped up in here and I'll stay

Pre-c 2

       Em                   D
And it all starts, and it's coming on now
  Em              D
I got to draw, to know that it will go



Em              D                Em
I don't want to see the sun just yet
                  D              C
I don't think I'm getting out of bed
            D            Am
Never been so sure of anything
      C        D
Never wake me, wake me...



G        D   C D
Sleep it all away
      G        D   C D
I can sleep it all away
      G        D
I can show you all
      C        D
I can tell you all
      Am            C F,F#, end on G 
I can sleep you all away
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