Fatboy Slim - That Old Pair Of Jeans tab

Intro:e|-0---0-------1---0-----0-----0---|B|---1-------1---1---1-----1-----4-|G|-------0-3-----------0-----0-----|D|---------------------------------|A|-3-----3---------3-----3-----3---|E|---------1-----------------------| C F C
e|-0---0-------1---0-----0-----0---|B|---1-------1---1---1-----1-----4-|G|-------0-3-----------0-----0-----|D|---------------------------------|A|-3-----3---------3-----3-----3---|E|---------1-----------------------| C F C
V< slightly differente|-----0-------1---0-----0-----0---|B|---1-------1---1---1-----1-----4-|G|-0-----0-3-----------0-----0-----|D|---------------------------------|A|-3-----3---------3-----3-----3---|E|---------1-----------------------| C F C
e|-1----0--3--0-|B|-1----1--3--1-|G|-2----0--0--0-|D|-3----2--0--2-|A|-3----3--2--3-|E|-1-------3----| F C G C
Chorus: C G F C Verse: Bb F C C
Riffs towards the end of the song: e|---8---8---8-| e|-0--0--0--0--0--0------------| B|-8---8---8---| funky B|--1--1--1--1--1--------------| violin G|-------------| flanging G|---0--0--0--0--0-------------| synth D|-------------| keyboard D|-----------------------------| A|-------------| thing A|-----------------------------| E|-------------| E|-----------------------------|
Coda:e|--4---------------------------------------1----0--3--0-|B|--4-----------4h5---5---------------------1----1--3--1-|G|--5-----------5-----5-5-----3h5---5-------2----0--0--0-|D|--6-------------------5-----5-----5-5-----3----2--0--2-|A|--6---------3-----3---3-------------5-----3----3--2--3-|E|--4-----------------------3-----3---3-----1-------3----| G# C G F C G C
I’ve given the chords for the intro as well as tabbed out the organ for the intro and coda. The chorus (the “na, na na, na na na na, na na part) is very straight forward as far chords go, as well as the verse (lyrics). For the coda, make the barre chord versions of and G. Sometimes the chorus plays with the “non-na na na” part, so listen to the song timing. This is a pretty accurate tab if I do say so myself. So enjoy, and please rate. Thanks! P.S. Copy and paste this into a Word document and the top part should all fit onto one and this writing at the bottom will be on page 2, so you can just print out the good on page 1. -Adam R
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