Father John Misty – I Love You Honeybear chords

First tab ever, very inexperienced guitar player (as in just picked one up 
for the first time a couple months ago and am self teaching) and I'm kinda 
just playing around with it, so this is not really accurate at all. But, no 
one else has put any chords up for this song and it's my favorite. These 
chords sound alright just to sing with, please please please do not hesitate 
to comment with any corrections! I'm actually not even sure if the chords are 
called the same thing when you switch tuning, but these chords are as close 
to the shapes as I can figure to write. and actually most of them are 


Intro: C Em Em/A Em Am G+6
C Em Em/A Oh honeybear, honeybear, honeybear oooh
Em Am G+6Mascara, blood, ash, and cum on the Rorschach sheets
Where we make love
C Em Em/A EmHoneybear, honeybear, honeybear
AmFuck the world
Damn straight malaise
G+6It may be just us who feel this way
CBut don't ever doubt this
A7sus4 AmMy steadfast conviction
C A7sus4 AmMy love you're the one I want to watch the ship go down with
E The future can't be real
A7sus4 AmI barely know how long a moment is
A DmUnless we're naked getting high on the mattress
G+6 EmWhile the global market crashes
C A7sus4 AmAnd debt fills the streets with garden variety. oblivious,
Em/A DmYou grab my hand and say in I-told-you-so voice
Em Am"It's just how we expected"
C EmEverything is doomed
G+6 Am/D7And nothing will be spared
E C Em Em/A Em Am G+6Oh I love you honeybear
C Em Em/A Em Am G+6Honeybear, honeybear, honeybear
CYou're bent over the altar
A7sus4 AmAnd the neighbors are complaining
C A7sus4 AmThat the misanthropes next door are probably conceiving a Daemon
E A7sus4Don't they see the darkness rising
AmGood luck fingering oblivion
A DmWe're getting out now while we can
EYou're welcome boys
C A7sus4Have the last of the smokes and chicken
Am C A7sus4 AmJust one Cadillac will do to get us out to where we're going
Em/A I brought my mother's depression
DmYou've got your father's scorn
Em AmAnd a wayward and schizophrenia
C EmBut everything is fine
G+6 Am/D7 Don't give into despair
E C Cause I love you honeybear
Em Em/A Em Ooooooooohh
Am G+6 ooooh ooh
Em Am/D7 COoooooh ooh
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